Corporate Philosophy

Carr Resources, Inc. believes in the concept that “discovery consists of seeing what everyone else has seen and thinking what no one else has thought”-Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Nobel Prize for Medicine, 1937. Carr Resources, Inc. purposefully pursues this strategy by utilizing new ideas in mature basins.

This approach of deliberately thinking outside the box is based on the concept that a basin’s shape, evolution, structure, and stratigraphy can best be understood in the context of understanding the history of the basin from the bottom up.

The basement faulting and topography have a continuing effect on the depositional history of the basin. Carr Resources, Inc. employs a proven model in the observation and evaluation of gravity, magnetic, seismic, subsurface, and topographic data to understand the history and evolution of a basin and its trapping opportunities.

Published Papers


Regional Depositional Systems of the Woodbine, Eagle Ford, and Tuscaloosa of the U.S. Gulf Coast


Microbasin Analysis of South Louisiana: An Exploration Model, Or: Hutton and Lyell Were Wrong!


The Lower Woodbine Organic Shale of Burleson and Brazos Counties, Texas: An Anatomy of a New “Old” Play


Effects of Inherited Pre-Jurassic Tectonics on the U.S. Gulf Coast


Basement Tectonics and Origin of the Sabine Uplift