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Professional Information:

John P. Carr
CPG #4701
BS Geology 1977
UT Arlington

Richard L. Adams
CPG #4276
TPG #1006
BS Geology 1973
Indiana University
MS Geology 1975
University of Wisconsin

Carr Resources, Inc. assembled a lease block in the OSR-Halliday (Woodbine) Field in 2009-2010. The play concept was to drill horizontal Woodbine wells to be completed with multiple fracture treatments. Carr joined its acreage with that of Petromax Operating of Garland, Texas to drill the wells. Petromax drilled the first well, the Carr-Ward #1-H and had excellent results with over 400 BOPD for the first several months being produced from a 7,000' lateral. This proof of concept well led to the drilling of the Carr-Cannon #1-H, the Carr-Coleman #1-H and kicked off the play in the OSR-Halliday area. Other operators then joined the drilling boom for the Woodbine with multiple successful wells being drilled. Petromax has now drilled seven wells on the Carr acreage and these wells have ranged from 200 - 700 BOPD of production. There is room on the Carr acreage to drill at least seven more development wells. This project will lead to the drilling of scores of horizontal Woodbine wells in the area and provide a new oil resource for the county, Texas and the country that will run into the millions of barrels. This play was based on the combination of the relatively new technologies of accurate horizontal drilling, new casing and packer technologies, and multiple fracture treatments.
Carr is currently leasing a new play to employ its experience gained in the OSR Woodbine play to develop new oil reserves.

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Carr Resources, Inc. (Carr) of Tyler, Texas recently closed an agreement with PetroEdge Resources III LLC on approximately 18,000 acres of Woodbine (Maness) Shale acreage. Carr retained a 25% working interest in the leases. Petro Edge will become the operator of the property and drill its first horizontal Woodbine (Maness) Shale well in the fourth quarter of 2013. The play was developed by Carr’s geologist Rich Adams based in part on earlier 2007 drilling by Carr with Winn Exploration Co., Inc. Based on the experience and regional mapping of Carr and Adams in the region, Adams identified the core of the play and leasing began in late 2009.

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